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A pixelated mug of beer with the Digital "LAST DROP BEER FEST" emblem set on a futuristic looking black and fuschia background intersected by a cyan-blue laser blast.

Thank you for joining us!

Sold Out

Sold Out

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2020 has been one heck of a BOSS LEVEL and it's time for a FRESH START and a new HIGH SCORE in 2021! Join the Last Drop Beer Festival Team as we spend an evening celebrating the start of a new year by the supporting the REAL craft beer industry and drinking their epic 1-UP elixirs while sharing the loot with some of our favorite "player 2's." Welcome to Fresh Year Fresh Beer Fest! 

We've been hard at work behind the scenes to make sure YOU are going to get hooked up with some of Southern California's most AMAZING beer, NINE (9) 16oz Beers to be exact, from some of the most EPIC breweries. This is definitely a selection of beer that can be shared between 2 people, but we won't judge if you take it on as a solo mission.

But hit the PAUSE, it gets better from there!  Get ready by powering up your TRIVIA knowledge to battle our trivia wizard. We've installed the latest SoundBlaster card in our sweet gaming machine to maximize the audio fidelity of our musical guests.

As always, we pack your box with loads of awesome SWAG from the breweries;

Maximize your gameplay - drop those quarters in the slot, grab your well-earned tickets, and head over to the prize counter. 2021 is destined to be your new HIGH SCORE!

Join hosts KC & Ben on January 16, 2021, at 7:00 PM!


The Beer! We'll have a wide selection of beer styles ranging from lagers to stouts! For those hazy IPA fans,

we've got you covered, too.

9x 16oz Cans:

Bottle Logic

"Road Trip" - Rocky Road Ice Cream-inspired Imperial Stout/ 10.3% abv

Brouwerij West

"DAEWON VS. BEER" - Dry-hopped Imperial Pale Lager / 7% abv

Burgeon Beer Co.

"Carlsbad Crush" - Mosaic & Mosaic Cryo West Coast Pale Ale  / 6.5% abv

Batch Mead

"Boysenberry" - Lagered Boysenberry Carbonated Session Mead / 6% abv

Harland Beer Co. 

"Sour IPA with Black Currant & Red Raspberry" / 7% abv

Honeypot Meadery

"Papa Don't Peach" - Ginger Peach Sparkling Mead / Expected 8.7% abv.

Modern Times Beer

"Mosaic Dry Hopped Timewave Zero" - Mosaic Dry-hopped hazy double IPA / 8.5% abv

Pure Project

"Force of Nature" - Murky NE IPA / 6.5% abv

Radiant Beer Co.

"Becoming More Real" - NE IPA / 6.6%

Festival Entertainment:

Luke James Shaffer - Upbeat singer, songwriter, and looper

Eclectik - Band with high energy, stunning vocals and tight instrumentals

Aaron Schwartz - Trivia Master Host

The Hosts:

KC Philippi - Drinker of Ales and Teller of Tales. Co-Creator of Last Drop Beer Festival

Ben Penman​ - Professional drinker of beers. Co-Creator of Last Drop Beer Festival

"The Jens" - Behind the scenes making the magic happen!


craft beer, mead, & cider



VIP ticket holders receive extra beer from Game Craft Brewing!

GameCraft Brewing Logo Yellow and Cyan Colored


music, trivia, and more

Luke James Shaffer, Smiling in front of a brick wall
Colorful Shapes

An amazingly talented musician with a voice that could make angels envious, Luke is known for his skillful cover songs using a loop station as well as original music that flows from his heart and mind. Check him out on IG:


and YouTube: 


Luke James Shaffer on Stage with an accoustic guitarin Blue Light
Colorful Shapes

One of our most consistently requested entertainment mainstays, Aaron - the "Trivia Douche" - makes a triumphant return for Last Drop Beer Festival's "Fresh Year, Fresh Beer" fest with exciting new trivia questions, and of course, Barley, the dog!

Follow him on IG:


Aaron Schwartz in front of a white background.
Colorful Shapes
6 members of Eclektik band, dressed in black, sitting and standing in front of a red wall.
Colorful Shapes

Eclectik is exactly what their name implies: A diverse group of musicians with a huge variety of musical talent and an even BIGGER catalog of music they can bust out at a moment's notice!

Check them out on IG,TIKTOK & Facebook:


Eclectik Band, dressed in black, standing in a line, with a soft white light illuminating them from the left.

Joining Us Live?

Beer Drinking Order:

  1. Pure Project - Forces of Nature - New England India Pale Ale

  2. Harland - Black Currant & Red Raspberry - Fruited Sour India Pale Ale

  3. Burgeon - Carlsbad Crush - West Coast Pale Ale

  4. Honey Pot - Papa Don't Peach - Sparkling Ginger Peach Mead

  5. Radiant Beer Co - Becoming More Real - New England India Pale Ale

  6. Brouwerij West - Daewon Vs. Beer Vol 1- India Pale Lager (IPL)

  7. Modern Times - Mosaic Dry Hopped Timewave Zero - Hazy Double India Pale Ale

  8. Bottle Logic - Road Trip - Rocky Road Inspired Sweet Stout

  9. Batch Mead - Boysenberry - Lagered Boysenberry Session Mead


Entertainment Order:

  1. Eclectik Musik

  2. Trivia Round 1

  3. Luke James Shaffer Set pt.1

  4. Eclectik Musik

  5. Luke James Shaffer Set pt. 2

  6. Trivia Round 2

  7. Eclectik Musik

The 3 easy steps for joining our virtual beer fest.
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