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What you need to know about our LAST DROP's Live ONLINE Craft Beer Festivals!

  • If you're new to our festival, we recommend joining us for ATTENDEE TECH CHECK on Friday September 25, 2020 from 6:45pm - 7:15pm in order to make sure your streaming device works, and your YouTube Account is set up properly!

  • Log into Eventbrite as early as 5pm on September 26, 2020 to connect to our LIVE broadcast stream.

  • The LIVE stream access link will be available with your purchased ticket after 5:00pm. We will be LIVE starting at 6:30pm

  • Join Us at 6:30pm for "Pre-Game" where we drink a beer and give you a chance to get comfortable before we start!

  • Interact with us, we're LIVE! We'll answer questions and feature your comments!

  • Don't drink your beer before we start (unless you want to, it's your beer)

  • Beer-drinking, brewery interviews, and entertainment are arranged to give you time to drink your beer, but if you fall behind, you can always re-watch specific videos or the whole event on your own time.

  • We have curated the order of beers for you, the order is as follows:​

    1. Enegren - Oktoberfest​

    2. Smog City - From LA Wit Love

    3. Bottle Logic - Orctoberfest

    4. Moksa - Leather Drinking Shorts

    5. Humble Sea - Full Sendrix

    6. Stereo - Oktoberfest

    7. Cervezacito - Pina Rubia

    8. Chapman Crafted - Old Towne Fest

    9. East Brother - Festbier

  • The order of entertainment is as follows:

    1. Introduction

    2. Da Stube Buben​ (German Band)

    3. Trivia (Round 1)

    4. Die Gemutlichen Shoe Plattlers (German Dancing)

    5. Trivia (Round 2)

    6. Da Stuba Buben (German Band)

    7. Stein Holding Competition

    8. Nate Javier (Magician)

    9. Löffel Spoon Players (German Spoon-Playing)

    10. Log Sawing Competition

    11. The Greasy Spoons (Band)

    12. Half Past 2 (Band)

    13. Nate Javier (Magician)

    14. Trivia (Final Round)



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