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Attendee F.A.Q.

Where is this event taking place?

Wherever you like! The upcoming event is being streamed live ONLINE, and you can watch it on YouTube from the comfort of your home. You will need an internet connection to access the stream, but you can also just drink the beer on your own, at any time.

How do I get my beer for the ONLINE festival

New for Droptoberfest: We now have 2 pickup locations: Irvine & Anaheim! You requested it, we listened! In order to maintain a 100% legal and compliant distribution of your event package, as well as keep cost efficiencies for our ticket holders, we have partnered up with First Class Pizza - Woodbury -AND- Windsor Homebrew Supply Co. for PICKUP of your event package. Both event partners maintain a license for off-premise alchol sales. Ticket holders will be able to bring their EVENTBRITE ticket, have it scanned, and pick up their event package. WHEN PICKING UP, BRING: Your Government Issues ID - Valid, Unexpired, Undamaged, Fully Legible Your eventbrite ticket (digital or printed) PICK UP HERE: First Class Pizza - Woodbury 6420 Irvine Blvd, Irvine, CA 92620 -OR- Windsor Homebrew Supply - Anaheim 1045 N Armando St Suite E, Anaheim, CA 92806 PICK UP DATES & TIMES: June 22, 2020 - 11:00am through 9:00pm June 23, 2020 - 11:00am through 9:00pm June 24, 2020 - 11:00am through 9:00pm June 25, 2020 - 11:00am through 9:00pm June 26, 2020 - 11:00am through 9:00pm

What is included in my ticket?

Attendees must purchase their ticket through www.Eventbrite.com When you pick up your event package from from our Irvine or Anaheim event partner, you will revceive: 9x Cans of 16oz Craft Beer 1x Droptoberfest Glass Beer Stein 1x Selection of Swag Items (Stickers, Coasters, etc) Electronically delivered through Eventbrite and the Email you used to register, you will be sent access to: 1x Live Stream Link (Live Streaming on Youtube.com) 1x Backup Pre-Recorded Video Playlist (On YouTube.com)

What beer is in this ONLINE festival package?

You will receive NINE (9) top-notch real craft brews inspired by the traditions of Oktoberfest. We have confirmed at this moment (9/10/20) - ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE Bottle Logic Brewing - Orctoberfest Chapman Crafted - Old Towne Fest East Brothers Beer Co - Festbier Humble Sea Brewing -Full Sendrix Moksa - Festbier Enegren - Oktoberfest Marzen Cervezito - Pineapple Blonde Smog City - From LA Wit Love Stereo - Oktoberfest

How much does this cost?

Plan to pay around $50 for our Droptoberfest event

How do I get my link to watch your LIVE STREAM and what should I expect?

The link gets revealed at 6:00pm automatically on eventbrite's site under your event ticket. You will also be emailed from eventbrite with the link. We expect this event to be a fun and interactive experience. If you have the ability to stream to your TV while interacting on your smart mobile device, you will get the most out of this experience. The experience is a guided tasting with your hosts KC & Ben, both craft beer lovers with years of experience curating craft beer experiences. We will have brewery interviews coinciding with each beer in order to give you some insight into the beer you're enjoying. Along the way, there will be performances, music, magic, and trivial mayhem; all with varying degrees of participation on your end.

I bought a ticket, can someone else pick my event package up for me?

Due to laws surrounding the sale of alcohol, we are required to give your event package to you and only you. New for Droptoberfest: We are allowing a single person to buy multiple event tickets.

Image by Pradnyal Gandhi
Beer Maker in Brewery

Brewery F.A.Q.

When is your next festival?

We have been sticking to a nearly quarterly festival schedule so far and have festivals scheduled for June 2020, September 2020, January 2021. We are also working on additional smaller events featuring a smaller set of craft beers along with an interactive activity.

Our brewery is interested in participating, what do you need from us?

Every event of ours is different and we are always looking for new beers to share with our dedicated group of attendees. We do require that we have at least a few of your beers before we'll invite your to participate. If you have a beer that you're excited to share, let us know via email: lastdropbeerfest@gmail.com and we can put you in contact with our event partners to purchase the beer. We'll schedule a time to come record an interview with you for the festival. We'll then do a video tour or feature something you're excited about showcasing at your brewery. We also ask that you include marketing materials enough for every attendee at the festival - stickers, buttons, pins, coasters, bottle openers, hats, shades, shirts, etc.

What breweries have participated in past events?

Artifex & Mitch McClelland (Sales) Beachwood & Julian Schrago (Co Owner Head Brewer) The Bruery & Jeremy Grinkey (Brewmaster) Bottle Logic & Greg Suchsland (Head Brewer) + Lindsay Langton (Operations) + Hinz Abriam (Brewer) Brouwerijj West & Nic Bradley (Sales) Cervezacito & J-Bird (Co-Owner) + Kevin Buckley (Head Brewer) + Britt Costello (TR Manager) Chapman Crafted & David Hall (Head Brewer) + Brian Thorson (Brewer) + Gage Welty (Brewer) Enegren & Chris Enegren (Co-Owner Brewer) + John Bird (Co-Owner Sales) East Brother & Rob Lightner (Owner) + Paul Lizewski (Lead Brewer) + Jarrod Jayne (Sales) + Jaime Dooley (Operations) Honeypot Meadery & Alex Gonzales (Co-Owner Brewer) + Tammy Shu (Co-Owner) Humble Sea & Nick Pavlina (Owner Brewer) + Nick Sanchez (Sales) Moksa & Derek Gallanosa (Owner Brewer) Smog City & Jonathan Porter (Co-Owner Brewer) Stereo Brewing & Rick Smets (Owner Brewer) + Dilynn Macsata (Brewer)

How many breweries participate per festival?

8, and with 16oz cans of beer that range from 4%-14% abv, thats a lot of beer to drink in one sitting.

We want to host our own festival, can you help us?

Absolutely yes. Hosting your own festival makes it easier for distribution of your prodct as you're allowed to have participants not only get their packaged shipped, but also pick up directly at your location. Beyond logistics, we can help film, interview, select entertainment options, host your live stream, broadcast your live stream, edit footage, record voice-overs, create content, etc. Shoot over an email to LastDropBeerFest@gmail.com and we can start working in your event.

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