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rely on us for an easy live-stream


Even before quarantine, our team had worked in the entertainment industry in a variety of fields; live event production, pyrotechnics, costuming, event management, sound, and lighting. We put that experience to work in OUR festivals, we can put it to work for you too!

We have invested nearly $100,000.00 in the equipment needed to broadcast a full, LIVE-STREAM production. Essentially, we bring a portable television studio to your location: microphones, cameras, lighting, specialized video equipment, computers, cables, and our awesome live-stream software!

Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Elevate
Image by Sam McGhee

Great live-streams start with exceptional pre-recorded content. Whether you need interesting interviews, video tours, music performances, or stunning behind-the-scenes footage filmed in slow motion; on-location filming starts the process behind a memorable live experience.

Few things are more engaging than watching a show happening LIVE! Excitement, humanity, connection, and interactivity are some of the most desired attributes for any event or production, and utilizing our ability to bring you to your viewers, live is an invaluable tool.

Video Control Board
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simple & straightforward

Image by Jay Wennington

Includes basic camera, lighting, and audio equipment, plus a gimbal camera for B-Roll footage capture. Includes editing of footage, and existing footage/assetst/content for a final deliverable of 15 minute runtime maximim.

Includes cameras, tripods, motorized camera dolly, live video switcher, lighting for video, lavalier microphones, audio mixing hardware, video server/playback, Livestream hardware/software, confidence monitors, video director & crew for a 2-hour live broadcast.

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