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Friends Drinking Beer
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fun, & friends go hand-in-hand 

One of the things we've missed the most while being stuck in quarantine has been being able to hang out with friends, both old and new, in places like a brewery or favorite local bar. Something as simple as saying "hey, let's grab a beer after work," is tough to coordinate and it's been difficult to find things to do with friends beyond an occasionally awkward zoom with booze (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I think we're all hoping for a little more substance than that.

Following the success of our first two virtual events, we sent out a survey (two actually) and one thing kept surprising us: you wanted MORE. More events, more frequently, more topics, more ways to interact, and more of us - specifically "the Jens"

Craft Socials is our answer to you wanting more. We're offering you a fun way to get together with your friends, drink some craft beer, and do something "crafty."

Blonde Ale Beer
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Our elevated answer to a "Paints & Pints" night. We provide a selection of real craft beer, a canvas + art supplies, and a fun art teacher plus guided beer tasting.

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Guided craft beer pairing dinners featuring exceptional beer complemented by excellent food.

Image by The Nigmatic
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Craft Beer, Live Music, Unique Locations, Unforgettable Experiences.

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