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The harmonious stylings of the Greasy Spoons will take you back to a simpler time, when drinking cold beer on the porch was a heck of a way to spend the day. Check out their instagram account @greasyspoons and enjoy that sweet sweet sound.

Follow him on Instagram @schwarztnotes or his amazing collection of answers from hosting trivia; featuring the ever excited penis @octriviajunk 

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The Reggae & Rock vibes emanating from Triple Thread Band bring to mind cookouts on the beach; sun, sand, and obviously BEER. When you listen to their music, you'll know what we mean!

Check them out! @triplethreadmusic

Follow his adventures in magic on Instagram @njaviermagic and enjoy some of his famous sleights of hand or feats of mentalism. Any way you cut it, fun is in the cards!

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Half Past Two

After over a decade together, HALF PAST TWO has honed their blend of ska, rock, reggae, and pop-punk into their most ambitious release yet, “Camp Slushtone”. They have performed in Orange County hot spots including House of Blues and Chain Reaction, among others. Their high energy music and personalities are a perfect fit for our beer fest! Check them out here!



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