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Colorful Shapes


Fresh Year Fresh Beer Fest 2021 is a rallying call to hit the restart button on another journey around the sun. We hit you right in the nostalgia with a retro video game themed event, mixed with some epically amazing craft beers from what will be some of your new favorite breweries and a few that you probably already know.

Join KC & Ben on January 16, 2021, at 7:00 PM as we ring in the start of a fresh year with some epic fresh beer - and we don't just mean freshly brewed! We asked all participating breweries to give us something new/unique/uncommon/special right from the beginning, and we are STOKED to see what they bring to the party.


We are REALLY stepping up the craft beer selection for F.Y.F.B. with some truly epic beverages:

Bottle Logic - Stout TBD

Brouwerij West - TBA India Pale Lager

Burgeon Beer Co - TBA Single Hop IPA

Harland Brewing Co - TBA

Honeypot Meadery - Sparkling Ginger Peach Mead

Modern Times Beer - TBA

Pure Project - Double/Triple Murky IPA

Radiant Brewing - TBA Dry Hopped Lager

New and Favorite Entertainment for F.Y.F.B. 2021:

Luke James Shaffer - Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocalist

Eclectik - Band w/Stunning Vocals and a Tight Instrumentation

Aaron Schwartz - "The Trivia Douche" epic-fun trivia Host

Image by Crystal Kwok


music, trivia, and more

Colorful Shapes

An amazingly talented musician with a voice that could make angels envious, Luke is known for his skillful cover songs using a loop station  as well as original music that flows from his heart and mind. Check him out on IG:


and YouTube: 


Colorful Shapes

One of our most consistently requested entertainment mainstays, Aaron - the "Trivia Douche" - makes a triumphant return for Last Drop Beer Festival's "Fresh Year, Fresh Beer" fest with exciting new trivia questions, and of course, Barley, the dog!

Follow him on IG:


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Colorful Shapes
Colorful Shapes

Eclectik is exactly what their name implies: A diverse group of musicians with a huge variety of musical talent and an even BIGGER catalog of music they can bust out at a moment's notice!

Check them out on IG,TIKTOK & Facebook:



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